Teaching the Ney with the Mesk Method

מק"ט 9786054518432

לימוד הניי לפי שיטת מסק by Burcu Karadag
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Teaching the Ney with the Mesk Method
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תיאור המוצר
Burcu Karadag
Teaching the Ney with "The Mesk" Method
This book provides background, progressive exercises, and basic makams of Turkish music for the ney player. The author says that the book is not a method, as that is insufficient for teaching Turkish music. The mesk system used in Turkish music is a master-apprentice system.
Players and students of ney will find this book an important resource, designed well and easy-to-use. A fingering chart is included.
Author Burcu Karadag was born in Istanbul in 1979. She studied ney with Salik Bilgin adn Niyazi Sayin at the State Turkish Music Conservatory at Istanbul. She received her masters degree from Halic University, where she continues to teach and perform.
Languages: English, Turkish
68 pages, softcover
Published by Pan Yayancilik, Istanbul