Solo Guitar Playing 2

מק"ט HL14023151

by Frederick Noad
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Solo Guitar Playing 2
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Solo Guitar Playing 2
by Frederick Noad
For the guitarist who has mastered the fundamentals of guitar playing
Continuing the instruction begun in Book I of Solo Guitar Playing, Book II is an intermediate-level guitar method book for classical guitar. It directs the student to greater knowledge of the guitar on three different levels:
  • Technique: Improved coordination of the fingers by graduated exercises of proven effectiveness
  • Musicianship: Improvement of sight-reading skills, and increased understanding of a score and the language of music
  • Style: In introduction to the different approaches to music of different periods - classical, romantic, renaissance, baroque, adn contemporary.
There are 28 complete pieces and two complete concert masterpieces with study notes. Each piece has been chosen to illustrate a particular point of style, a particular period, or a particular technique.
Frederick Noad (1929-2001) earned his M.A. from Oxford University and studied the guitar in Spain. Author of a number of instruction and repertoire books, he was well known for his programs on public television.
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