Rock Lead Guitar Solos

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the ultimate guide to playing great leads
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Rock Lead Guitar Solos
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Rock Lead Guitar Solos
by Glenn Riley
The National Guitar Workshop's (USA) Lead Guitar Solos Series
The Ultimate Guide to Playing Great Leads
Each book includes a CD with a performance of each solo as well as a play-along accompaniment track.
  • Learn what made the legendary masters great
  • over 20 full-length solos in a variety of styles with phrase-by-phrase analysis
  • Key elements including structure, techniques, and chord progessions
  • Examples in standard music notation and TAB
This book contains over 20 lead guitar solos in the styles of specific legendary players spanning from the FM radio of the 1960's and 1970's to American and British heavy metal of the 1980's and contemporary progressive rock. A complete analysis of each solo is featured, discussing relevant chord progressions, techniques, structure and other key elements.
In this series are also:
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