Beginning Piano Solos

מק"ט CF-ATF101

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Beginning Piano Solos
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תיאור המוצר
בעריכת Paul Sheftel
JC Bach - Schwabisch
JS Bach
     from Notebook for Anna Magdelana Bach - March, 4 Minuets, Musette, Polonaise
     from French Suite No 6 - Minuet
     from English Suite No 3 - Gavotte II
WF Bach - Minuet
     from For Children Vol 1 - Children at Play, Childrens Dance, Pillow Dance, Play, Song, Springtime Song, Study for the Left Hand
     from For Children Vol 2 - Sorrow
     from First Term at the Piano - Dance, Dialogue No 3, 5, Folk Dance, Folk Song, Minuet
Beethoven - 2 Country Dances, 2 Ecossaise (Eb, G), 8 German Dances, 2 Russian Folk Songs
Burgmuller - L'Arabesque, Innocence, The Limpid Stream, Progress, Restlessness
Clarke - March
Couperin - Les Moissonneurs, Le Petit Rien
Czerny - Six Etudes
Diabelli - Bagatelle in G maj, Bagetelle in C maj
Duncombe - Fanfare, Gigue, Sonatina
Glinka - Polka
Hanson - Enchantment
Haydn - Allemande, 6 German Dances, Gypsy Dance, 3 Minuets, Quadrille
Hook - Dance from the Guida di Musica
     from 30 Pieces for Children - Clowning, Little Fable, Little Song, Playing Ball
     from 24 Pieces for Children - Clowns, Dance, A Fable, Funny Event, Galop, Jumping, A Little Joke, March, Melody, Scherzo, Song, Waltz
Le Couppey - Musutte
Lully - Minuet
Milhaud - Touches Blanches, Touches Noires
Moore - Careful Etta from Tintypes
L Mozart
     from Notebook for Wolfgang - Bourlesq, Bouree, 2 Minuets
     from Notebook for Nannerl - 2 Minuets
W Mozart - Air, Allegro, Andantino, German Dance, 5 Minuets, 2 Minuets and Trios
Purcell - Air, Minuet
Rameau - Le Lardon, Minuet
Rebikoff - The Bear, Playing Soldiers
Schumann - First Loss, Little Piece, Melody. Poor Orphan, Soldier's March, Wild Horseman from Album for the Young
Tchaikovsky - The Sick Doll from Album for the Young
Telemann - Gigue, Minuet, Passeapied
Turk - Arioso, Carefree, The Dancing Master, Huntung Horns with Echo, Minuet, Rondino, To the Little Finger of the Right Hand