Beginning Acoustic Guitar

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by Greg Horne
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Beginning Acoustic Guitar
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תיאור המוצר
by Greg Horne
The National Guitar Workshop's (USA) Acoustic Guitar Method
Anyone interested in learning to play acoustic guitar can pick up this book and get started right away. Starting at the absolute beginning, this book teaches teh basics of holding the guitar, right- and left-hand technique and reading music. You'll learn to play with a pick, count time, and play the basic chords while enjoying the humor that Greg Horne brings to this easy, step-by-step method. After learning the basics, you'll be introduced to fingerpicking, the blues, basic improvisation, barre chords, playing bass lines and even arranging. A must for anyone serious about starting to learn acoustic guitar.
  • Examples in standard music notation and TAB
  • Solos to practice
  • Acoustic guitar techniques such as strumming, flatpicking and fingerpicking
  • Topics such as music theory, arranging, improvising and composition
  • Lessons on acoustic guitar styles including blues, acoustic funk and world music


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