Basix Guitar Method 1

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a fun and easy way to learn to play the guitar
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Basix Guitar Method 1
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תיאור המוצר
by Ron and Morty Manus
Get Down to BASIX!
Basix is all you need to take off with your instrument. Alfred Publishing has worked hard to help you begin learning today wtih our easy-to-use, comprehensive series. It won't frustrate you by moving too fast, or let you get bored by moving too slow. You'll notice pics of many great performers; we added those to fire your imagination and help you stay focused on becoming a star yourself. To top it off, you can put what you learn to work when you play along with the companion CD. Set your sights high by beginning wtih Basix... the series that will get you there.
  • a complete and thorough introduction to the guitar
  • music theory for beginners
  • includes blues, rock, jazz, classical, folk, and country styles
  • a fun and easy way to learn the guitar
  • CD includes all songs and examples
Includes enhanced CD - works like a normal CD in your stereo and a software program in your computer. Enhanced CDs allow you to see the music, adjust the tempo of songs and record yourself playing with a band. Enhanced CDs for guitar also include a 96-chord dictionary and tuner.